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One day tour

from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Wonderful vantage points

This tour takes you through peaceful countryside lulled by the calm of nature. You will discover wide expanses and beautiful views. In addition to the unmissable Citadel of Namur, you will fall under the charm of the landscapes and the countryside of the Condroz. 88 km tour > Citadelle de Namur - Wépion - Lustin - Crupet - Spontin - Natoye - Gesves - Mozet - Vallée du Samson.

95€ for the day

  • 60€ per person in duo on the Vespa
  • 95€ per person solo on the Vespa
  • This price includes the rental of the Vespa, helmets and liability insurance
  • GPS is provided
  • The refuelling is to be done by you on your return
  • Rental conditions: 21 years old - Driving licence B - Deposit 350 €

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